Retina Changes May Predict Parkinson's Course

Research Work done by the team Dr. Digvijay Singh was a part of highlights the benefit of retinal analysis in Parkinson’s disease.

Stereoacuity: A new measure of LASIK success?

Research work on LASIK done by Dr. Digvijay Singh and Prof Rohit saxena quoted by EyeWorld Magazine.

One in four children referred to AIIMS eye clinic suffer from misaligned or lazy eyes.

Research done by Dr. Digvijay singh regarding burden of pediatric eye disease quoted in the media

White Coats as a Vehicle for Cross Infection

Dr. Digvijay Singh talks on the controversial topic about the role of Doctors’ white coats in the spread of infection.

Intervention within 12 hours can prevent long-term vision loss.

Dr. Digvijay Singh discusses eye stroke and the need for early intervention

Launch of National Eye Donation Camp at Medanta

Dr. Digvijay Singh as member of Team which initiated Hospital corneal retrieval program at Medanta

National Eye Donation fortnight 2017

Dr. Digvijay Singh as participant in National Eye Donation Fortnight at Medanta